Fabulous Find: 1978 Marvel Comics Super Heroes Card Game

Time sure does fly, doesn't it?  It's Friday once again, and time for a brand spanking new Fabulous Find.  This week I've brought out of the collectibles vault the 1978 Marvel Comics Super-Heroes Card Game put out by the Milton Bradley Company.  It is a matching game where you try to match a pair of super-heroes and … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: 1977 Spider-Man & Fantastic Four Boardgame

First things first ... Happy New Year!  I hope your holidays were great and that the new year brings exciting opportunities to you all.  I'll check back in twelve months for your report. But now on to the reason you're reading this, it's once again time for a new Fabulous Find.  I hope this excites you as much as … [Read more...]

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