Fabulous Find: Nobody Loves the Hulk 45

Welcome back to my column; Fabulous Find.  This week I will have to re-share one of my earliest Fabulous Finds a second time, as I am in the midst of a big move and not able to dig out anything cool.  Everything is packed in so many boxes that I can not count them all, and I can not find anything, even if I wanted … [Read more...]

Nobody Loves The Hulk Record

Welcome back to Fabulous Finds # 2!  This week I want to talk about a 45 RPM record I recently purchased via eBay.  It's entitled; Nobody Loves The Hulk! and is done by The Traits!  There is not a lot of information, that I can find, about the group; The Traits or this record.  As everyone knows, The Hulk was created … [Read more...]

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