Fabulous Find: The California Pelican from 1965

It is just about impossible to determine when and where the very first write-up on the still new and very cool Marvel Comics of the sixties was published, but in this week's Fabulous Find, I just might have found one of the very first, if not the actual first publication.  I don't know for sure, but I do know that this … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: Glx Sptzl Glaah! # 1

Wow, the summer is almost over already!  Where does the time go?  But hopefully you're measuring the summer's passing with my rotating columns; Fabulous Finds and RETRO REVIEWs!  This week it's time for a new Fabulous Find.  So digging around in my collection I have unearthed a pretty rare and hard to find fanzine; Glx … [Read more...]

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