Tokusatsu Gesundheit: Shin Godzilla

Welcome to Tokusatsu Gesundheit, where this week we’re looking at Japan’s newest Godzilla feature, Shin Godzilla! Plot Rundown A giant, radioactive creature enters Tokyo, causing plenty of damage even before it makes landfall. The Japanese government must come up with a solution to this unprecedented problem, as … [Read more...]

Tokusatsu Gesundheit: Kong: Skull Island

Welcome to Tokusatsu Gesundheit, where we’re deviating heavily from the usual format to talk about an American feature film still in theaters right now. However, it’s not every summer that an American studio knocks it out of the park with a Kaiju picture, much less one set in the wider Godzilla franchise, so Kong: … [Read more...]

Tokusatsu Gesundheit: Frankenstein Conquers The World

Welcome to Tokusatsu Gesundheit, where even American monsters are seen through a Japanese lens. Today, in honor of the Halloween season, we’re watching the 1965 Toho/UPA coproduction Frankenstein Conquers The World. Plot Rundown In the waning days of World War II, the still-beating heart of Frankenstein’s Monster … [Read more...]

Tokusatsu Gesundheit: Mothra

Welcome to Tokusatsu Gesundheit, where your intrepid author was a bit busier than he expected to be this week. As such, we’re going to discuss the 1961 kaiju classic, Mothra! Plot Rundown A joint Japanese/Rolisican (stand-in for the U.S.A.) expedition to a mysterious island and atomic bomb test site in the South … [Read more...]

Creepy Classics #3: Gojira (Godzilla)

Gojira is a Japanese science fiction movie produced and released by Toho in 1954. Gojira is probably best known to the world by its English title, Godzilla. Just hearing the word “Godzilla” invokes a wide array of emotions amongst the population. Some don’t care, some get excited and others groan. Godzilla has become … [Read more...]

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