Your Weekly Dose for July 18th, 2011!

In this episode: Stan and Dolores call Back to the Past! Andy shows off some of the silver age comics from the upcoming auction on July 24th! Highlights from recent video clips on! Scott threatens self harm over Google +! Get yer vote on at! Dennis shoots … [Read more...]

Your Weekly Dose for July 11th, 2011!

In this episode: Tree down! BTTP Pop Culture Roadshow at Redford IART Festival! Silver Age comic book auction is July 24th! Mullins has new stuff for the showcase! Don't forget to vote for us at! … [Read more...]

Your Weekly Dose for June 27th!

In this episode: What the...Nazi truck? Andy showcases some items from the Tuesday night auction! Mullins expands the quality back issues showcase and wall! Pete puts 200 eBay store items on sale 50% off! Andy sears the skin off his forehead with a 1950's home suntan kit! Scott's headed off on vacation, so see … [Read more...]

Your Weekly Dose For June 20th!

In this episode: Microsoft relaunches Windows with a new #1 version! On location in the bat cave! Captain America event is going on Tuesday, join us! Free raffle for a Captain America promo poster! Nigel P. Bumbershoot brings another round of high grade Marvels! Hawkeye gets himself into a tight scratch! Pete's got … [Read more...]

Your Weekly Dose for June 13th!

In this episode: Anonymous whistleblower speaks out about the comics industry! The fortress of solitude! Mike shows off the new classic monster section in the showroom! Captain America Appreciation Night is June 21st, includes a sale! Andy shows off a vintage war bond poster! What does Pete have on live eBay listings … [Read more...]

Your Weekly Dose for June 5th!

In this episode: Captain Cold tweets his wiener! The vacant lot out behind the supermarket! Thank you for supporting the Mutt March 2011! What did you think about X-Men First Class? Flashpoint comics stay 20% off! 400 lot Pop Culture auction June 28th @ 6PM! Resin Joker with 2 heads! 1966 Batmobile kit! Lord of the … [Read more...]

Your Weekly Dose For June 1

In this episode: Back to the Past Crack Western Tales! Hope you had a great Memorial Day holiday! Flashpoint rings and pins! Please support Mutt March 2011! Mullins ponders the universe: Optimus Prime! Surprise ONLINE ONLY pop culture auction in June! Pete's got 1940's press photos, Tank Girl, Weird World of Baseball, … [Read more...]

Your Weekly Dose for May 23rd 2011!

In this episode: Catapulting elephants? The Kodachrome film canister has been processed and we have a winner! May 24th comic book auction is upon us! Don't forget if you can't make it in person. We are always buying! Plus: Dennis goes in search of... … [Read more...]

Your Weekly Dose for May 16th 2011!

In this episode: What a jackass! Late birthday cake! Pete's swinging Mjolnir, Thor's hammer! How many times can we say the word "cool" in 60 seconds? Mullins puts some great stuff out in the showcase! Comics auction is May 24th, and here's! Hasni Mubarak is impressed. … [Read more...]

Your Weekly Dose for May 9th

It's late! I blame the Earth's orbit around the sun for not taking slightly longer. In this episode: Stan and Dolores! The Psychic Collector's Network beams news directly to your brain! Free Comic Book Day followup! Green Lantern! Thor movie: Discuss! Our investigation leads us to a seedy nightclub in Cairo! Next … [Read more...]

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