Scripting Errors: Michael Chabon’s X-Men

Welcome back to Scripting Errors, where we look at movies that might have been! Today’s entry would more accurately be called a MisTreatment, since I selected a 19 page X-Men treatment (the first step in the script writing process) rather than a full script. This post is illustrated with fan art by Scott Ngo, check … [Read more...]

Strange Times & Places: X-Men Forever

Welcome back to Strange Times & Places, where we’re looking at a mutant-centric story in honor of The Gifted’s season finale last night – Chris Claremont’s X-Men Forever. How’s It Different? It’s a Royale With Cheese, where a bunch of little differences add up to create something very different, but it all … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Hercules # 1

Hey, hey, hey, it's time for another RETRO REVIEW and this week I've dug through the Marvel Comics section of the comics vault and unearthed Hercules, Prince of Power # 1, cover dated September 1982.  I should mentioned that the subtitle, Prince of Power, is only listed on the cover and is not listed as part of the … [Read more...]

Avengers Versus X-Men: Cyclops Was Right!

Avengers vs. X-Men has reached its conclusion, leaving the intrepid Cyclops rotting in a cell. A fitting result for the leader of the X-Men? Sean Pigeon offers a few examples of AVX justice from the Avengers side, like Scarlet Witch and Namor, and questions the outcome in this video segment that all Avengers and … [Read more...]

My Golden Age: Our Hero Misses the Wounded Wolverine

Growing up, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Wolverine. I didn’t not like him, I just tended to lean towards a different set of characters. Every kid I knew loved Michelangelo from the Turtles, my favorite was Leonardo. When G.I. Joe was huge, every kid loved Snake Eyes, my loyalty was and will always be to Flint. Never … [Read more...]

My Golden Age #5: In Which Our Hero Discovers Freedom

The winter of 1994 was when I discovered my first taste of freedom. Every Wednesday, since getting into comics the year previously, my mother was dealt the thankless task of picking my friend Chris and I up from school. Like the saint that she was, she would then take us to our local comic shop (shout out to Card-Omics … [Read more...]

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