We Buy Collectibles

We’ll pay top dollar for your dusty treasures and we’re always buying!

We Buy Collectibles of all sorts

Back to the Past Collectibles is always on the hunt for pop culture treasures of all sorts, from comic books to rock posters, as well as coins and military items.

We Buy Collectibles and Memorabilia

Betty Page collectionDo you have a pile of old boxes in the back of a closet that would be better converted to cash?

Bring in your memorabilia and we’ll help you determine its value and make an offer right over the counter. For larger collections, our buyer can travel to you.

We Pay Top Dollar

Sellers often shop around with their collections, looking for top dollar offers. Back to the Past Collectibles has a track record of being the last place people stop, because they get the best cash offers here! You can spend gas money driving around if you want, but why not start your trip where you’re likely to end your trip.

In addition, you’re always free to accept store credit instead of cash. We can pay better if we’re trading stuff for stuff. This week’s trade-in can be next week’s comic book budget.

Collections of All Sizes

We’ve handled every size of collection, from a single matchbox to buying out full estates and businesses. We’ve trekked through long boxes, storage units, attics, basements and stairwells to uncover hidden treasures from days gone by.

An incoming collection

We’ll Come to You!

Our professional buyer travels throughout the US to bring back rare and unusual vintage items and larger collections. You tell us where the X is on the map, and we’ll bring the moving van.

Note that when we travel out of state, we are looking for larger/estate collections to make the cost of the trip viable. Our goal is to fill a moving truck to bring back to Michigan. If we find several smaller collections in the same geographic area, then this can serve the same purpose. If neither of those situations apply, then we do also work with sellers to carefully ship us smaller collections or single items for appraisal, so we can work however best fits the situation!

Honest Assessments

An educated seller is a happy seller. So our first goal is always to make sure you understand what you have in your collection, along with a bit of its history, before we make you an offer.

We Handle Consignments, Too

For unique, high value items, consignment may be a better way to sell your collectibles. We’ll work with you to find the best venue and exposure for the sale.

Consigning versus bulk sale?  There are many considerations when figuring out how to get you the most money for your collection. We’ll make sure you understand the differences and help you choose the best method for handling the sale of your collectibles.

Collectibles We’ve Bought

This list provides a sample of collections we’ve bought. It’s merely a fraction of the pop culture collectibles we buy.
Assorted collectibles

  • Batman Action Figures
  • Vintage Newspapers
  • Vinyl Records
  • Superman Comic Books
  • X-Men Statues
  • Looney Tunes Glassware
  • Mickey Mouse Watches
  • Gold & Silver Coins
  • World War II Military
  • Movie Posters
  • Star Trek Models
  • Transformers Toys
  • Star Wars Vehicles
  • Marx Playsets
  • Vintage Men’s Magazines
  • Pinball Tables
  • Golden Age Comic Books
  • Silver Age Comic Books
  • Bronze Age Comic Books
  • Beer Signs
  • Simpsons Dioramas
  • Bettie Page Magazines
  • Celebrity Autographs
  • Vintage Photos
  • Movie Stills
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