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We buy collectibles of all sorts, from toys and comics to coins and stamps, plus everything in between. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3…

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Step 2:  We’ll Contact You

Within a few days, we’ll contact you and conduct an initial consultation. This will help us determine if your collection is something we handle and whether it would be worth a road trip to travel to your location for a full appraisal.

Step 3:  We’ll Strike a Deal

We’ll meet to appraise your collection and make you an offer.

If you’re local, you can bring your collection to our shop (directions). If you’re farther away or if your items are too big to transport, we may opt to send our professional buyer to you. (Note that we can’t travel for all collections, and in some cases we may have you ship us smaller groups or single items for appraisal in our showroom.)

During our meeting, you’ll get a complete appraisal of your collection. We’ll make you a fair offer and arrange payment.

Selling your collection

Preparing your Collection for Appraisal

A few quick tips:

  1. Detail your collection.  For our initial consultation, photographs and a list of items can help, HOWEVER…
  2. Don’t go overboard.  Don’t spend a lot of time exhaustively cataloging and building lists and spreadsheets. All too often we have sellers come in with a gorgeous spreadsheet of every item and tons of detailed photographs, only to find out that what they’re selling has little value. Keep it to a general overview, unless we request specific details.
  3. Consolidate your collection.  If at all possible, get the collection consolidated in one place. It’s far easier to a proper appraisal if we aren’t crawling through multiple storage rooms, drawers and closets trying to figure out exactly what is there.
  4. Organize, but carefully.  Cleaning and neatening a disorganized pile also helps in the appraisal, but be careful not to use any harsh cleaners or cause any damage to vintage items just for the purposes of organization.

We’re always searching for dusty treasures.

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