The Back to the Past Weekly Dose – Inaugural Edition

In our first edition of the weekly store video update, we announce Back to the Past Pop Culture TV at, introduce you to our studio room, and highlight several upcoming events: Motor City Nightmares on April 15-17 (we’re hosting the costume contest!), our next 300 lot comics auction of 60’s to present on Saturday April 23rd @11AM, and Free Comic Book Day coming up Saturday May 7th!

About C. Scott Lovejoy

C. Scott Lovejoy (@back2past) Scott may appear grouchy, but he's actually pretty cuddly and makes sure Back to the Past marches ever forward in the quest to bring you the best pop culture finds! Currently lurking somewhere around Crusader in the Stanton system.


  1. Wow, so much information and from such a motly group of employees! I loved it!

  2. This was hilarious! The editing was awesome! Make me look half that funny and I’ll be a happy stooge!

  3. Power to the people, Dennis! Thanks, guys. Just looking at this fills my mind full of ideas for videos. As soon as I’m to full speed, can’t wait to join in!

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