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C. Scott Lovejoy

“Head Honcho” – Owner and Chief Pathfinder
With organizational skills far beyond those of mortal men, Scott makes sure clients get the best bang for the buck and customers always get the best collectible finds. He enjoys Hitchcock, anything single-malt, Hammer Horror and Savoy Brown. He is inspired by his talented wife Megan, his furry kids Ripley and Maisie, and he has faith, though it’s dwindling, that Star Citizen is going to be awesome. @back2past | Scott’s Posts

Pete Johnson

“The Family Man” – Production Manager, Evaluator, Research
Scott’s right-hand man, Pete has a Rainman-like ability to come up with information about just about any item that crosses the counter. He almost died to a collapsing wall of toys in the “Dollar Store” days. We talk about it now and laugh, my goodness how we laugh. He is also one of the few people who get to say things like “James Bond 007 Scuba Flippers” as part of his day job. Pete enjoys watching his two kids grow up (too fast) and loves Flash and Green Lantern.

Tracey Fors

“The Smiling Sagacious One” – Administration, Customer Service, Gallery Curator
With an almost magical knack for putting people at ease, if you’ve called us and had a great experience, then you should thank Tracey! In the time she gets between achieving superhuman feats of administrative prowess, you’ll find her making our showroom and gallery look better this week than it did before.

Denny McDermott

“Mister Mint” – Photography, Shipping, Comic Relief
The shop just wouldn’t be the same without the presence of one Mr. Mint. Nobody really knows what he does, but he’s always entertaining while he does it. Denny is either a precautionary tale or a man who’s discovered the true secret to life, and we aren’t sure which it is.

Chris Walker

“Aubergine Power Ranger” – Social Media, Customer Service, Historical Blogger

We can’t believe some of the nuggets of pop culture history that pops out of this fella’s encyclopedic brain, but sure enough, it checks out! If our Facebook news feed or website articles amaze you with something you didn’t know, odds are, Chris shared it. We also blame him for any typos that end up in our auction catalogs. Chris’ Posts

Greg Turner

Greg Turner

“King of the Fanzines” – Auctioneer, Archivist, Music and Comic Art Historian

Greg writes the columns “Fabulous Finds” and “Retro Reviews” for the Back to the Past website! You’ll spot him at nearly every live auction, and in his off time he’ll be spinning classic garage rock on vinyl, wherever he can find a turntable.  Greg’s Posts

Megan Lovejoy

“The Floor Artist” – Wall Art, Whiteboard Art, Art Art, Heart and Soul

From the 50-foot Joker on the store’s rooftop to the 30-foot Smaug banner hanging in our warehouse, it’s clear that Megan’s motto is “Go big or…well, just go big.” She is an ever-present fount of bubbly support for everything we do at Back to the Past and we love to be wowed by whatever she’s got planned next.

Andy Cirinesi

 “The Don” – Founder, Now Retired
Andy has been in the collectibles business since 1981. His many years in the field have given him a comical jaded weariness of life that people seem to love. His interests include King Kong, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the shooter on the grassy knoll. His penchant for accumulating things usually outstrips his interest in selling them. Last seen wandering off into the western sunset, mumbling “I gotta get out…I gotta get out…”

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The buzz you’ve heard is real. It’s a lot of fun to attend our onsite live events, so we invite you to come and check it out!

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If you’re looking to make some cash or do some trading with your comic books, figurines, vinyl, magazines or just about any vintage collectibles or memorabilia, we’d love to meet you.

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