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Do you have a closet full of TV and movie materials? Let Back to the Past Collectibles review your collection and turn it into cash!

We love TV and movies, so we are always in search of materials like posters and press kits from classic sci-fi like Star Wars, Predator, The Thing, and Godzilla, or adventure films like Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Goonies, The Gladiator, and so many more – we are always ready to take a look at what you have piled in the basement.

Best Place to Sell Movie Posters and Vintage TV Show Collectibles

We Buy Movie Posters and Vintage TV Show Collectibles

We buy Onesheet posters, both original release and reprints, personality posters, programs, press kits, even film clips, clocks and mugs about our favorite films. If you can name it, they probably made it when related to something like Star Wars, the list is almost endless.

Sell Us Your Movie, Film and TV Memorabilia

But our searching isn’t just for movie materials, we’re also hunting for items related to TV shows like Batman, The Avengers, The Addams Family and many others. What might you have that could fulfill our wish list?

Here’s just a few of the types of TV and Movie Materials we handle:

  • 20th Century Fox
  • Ghostbusters
  • Onesheet posters
  • Star Wars
  • Coffee mugs
  • I Love Lucy
  • Publicity Stills
  • Indiana Jones
  • Handbills
  • Jurassic Park
  • Threesheet posters
  • Star Trek
  • Press kits
  • Paramount
  • Aliens
  • Personality posters
  • E.T.
  • …and lots more!

If you’re ready to put the magic of Back to the Past Collectible’s vintage movie poster and TV show memorabilia experts to work for you, Contact Us Today!



Frequently asked questions about selling movie posters.

How can I tell if a movie poster is original?

Mostly by paper quality and age. The older a movie poster is, the better chance it is original. Many older movie posters contain, and NSS information tag number, but this is not always true. Each poster has its own fingerprints for ways of determining when it was printed.

What details are on a movie poster?

Movie posters almost always contain the title of the film, and often the names of main actors or production crew. Additionally, movie posters will contain other information to inform viewers about the movie.

Is it worth buying original movie posters?

It depends on what you are after. If the most important thing to you is strictly the image, there are many cheaper ways of finding a reproduction. But, if the pedigree of the poster itself has value to you, then yes, it is worth investing in original movie posters. Generally speaking, original posters for fan favorite movies will appreciate in value over time.

Why are movie posters so expensive?

Most original movie posters were displayed in theaters, which means that the great majority of them have damage from use. This includes tack holes, dogears, rips, or other damage. Because of this, finding original movie posters in high grade is very rare. Thus, they are pricey.

Are original movie posters double-sided?

Before the 1980s, most movie posters are one-sided, but around that time it became normal for posters to be printed double sided so that their colors would pop better in lit marquees.

Is it worth it to frame a movie poster?

Framing is expensive, so before spending a lot of money to frame an 8-dollar poster you want to make sure that the poster is worth it. Original, high value movie posters are definitely worth framing to protect their condition and value.

Are movie posters a good investment?

Blue chip fan favorite movie posters are a great investment, as they will maintain and appreciate in value over time. It is important that the posters are original and high grade to achieve the best return.

What is the most valuable movie poster?

Metropolis (1927) sold for a record breaking 700 thousand dollars in recent history.

Are movie posters worth anything?

Original movie posters for fan favorite films, in a high grade, can be worth substantial amounts of money. But to be honest, the majority of modern movie posters are worth between ten and twenty dollars.

Is there a market for movie posters?

Yes, there is a substantial market for movie posters, especially if they are rare and high-grade examples.

How do people sell movie posters?

Online sources like eBay have a lot of movie posters listed for sale, as well as reputable dealers like Back to the Past Collectibles which is a great source!


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