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At Back to the Past Collectibles, we want your vinyl records and music collectibles!

If you are looking for an evaluation or to sell premium vinyl records from any era, including 45RPM 7” singles, 78RPM slate platters, 33RPM LP records, and modern freshly pressed releases, Back to the Past Collectibles is ready to evaluate and grade your record collection. Our music fans have a hankering for searching our auctions and record bins for new finds.

Looking to Sell Your Old Record Collection for Top Dollar?

Check out our Vinyl Record FAQ page.

Sell Your Old Record Collection for Top Dollar

We’re connoisseurs of fine music items and know the difference between a rare pressing and a common re-release, which makes a huge difference in collectability and price!

We Buy Vinyl Records and Music Collectibles of All Types

But our search-list doesn’t just end with vinyl, we are on the hunt for a wide variety of music and rock n’ roll items, such as:

  • Rock posters
  • Concert tickets and programs
  • Rare labels
  • Spider inserts
  • Carrying cases
  • Books and magazines
  • Sheet music
  • Rare labels and pressings
  • Select CDs and Boxed Sets
  • Art, Press Stills, and Handbills
  • Plus lots more!

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Frequently asked questions about selling vintage vinyl records.

How can I buy vinyl records?

The easiest option is to check stores and thrift shops in your area.  However, if you want to be more specific about the vinyl record that you want to buy, then here are some places that might be worth checking out: Discogs (a great source for pricing information), eBay auctions or Back to The Past Collectibles.

Is collecting vinyl records a good investment?

Selling records has been on the rise and more people are searching for either new or vintage vinyl! It’s easy to blow a lot of cash in pursuit of that rarity, but there is always an opportunity for making money if you’re able to pick out rare pressing from the dollar pile at the yard sale. Once something is hung up in your favorite shop, it won’t be going down any time soon so keep bargain hunting!

How do I choose a vinyl record?

Vinyl records can be a great way to invest in your collection and learn about music. However, it is difficult because there are so many different types of vinyl out on the market that you might not know how or where to start!

Here are tips for collecting:

Start cheap by shopping at garage sales and estate sales. Understand values by using sites such as Discord to help you identify what type of record an album was pressed onto. Original pressings always beat reissues. Collect the classics. Choose records that you love. If any of it goes up in price over time, then that’s a huge bonus for you.

How do I find out what my vinyl records are worth?

There is nothing more satisfying than finding out that your old vinyl records are worth something. A general identification of the record with label, artist name, and catalog number somewhere on its jacket will put you in a good position to identify what type or edition it may be. The true serial number is often found in the run-off area. That’s where a needle will stop when playing side one. You can tell what kind of record it is by looking at this number and checking out Discogs to see how much someone might be asking for that particular pressing.

Can you skip songs on vinyl?

Vinyl records are a great way to preserve your favorite music, but what if you don’t want the whole album? It’s easy enough to skip tracks on any vinyl record. All it takes is some hand/eye coordination and practice.

Do modern vinyl records sound better?

Vinyl records have been making a comeback in recent years. Vinyl enthusiasts are excited to get their hands on the old-fashioned medium again because they say it sounds better than ever. Vinyl does offer one major advantage – You can enjoy those pops and crackles without worrying about any digital distortion ruining your music (although there’s of course no guarantee).

But what if you want digitally recorded files that will sound perfect regardless? Well then stick with CDs or downloads of high-quality audio playback.

Why is vinyl coming back?

Vinyl records have been around for a long time, but it’s only recently that the younger generation has started to appreciate them. Why do millennials and Gen Z consumers seem so much more approving of this format compared with their grandparents’ generations? The main reason might be due in part because these new listeners enjoy how “analog” listening can feel without all those electronics between you and your favorite music. Plus, there’s something satisfying about holding onto physical media like CDs or DVDs which we’ve lost over recent years as well.

Are types of vinyl better than CDs?

Vinyl records are often thought to be better than CDs because they have less hiss and turntable rumble. However, the digital sound quality on the other hand has been shown to be superior in almost every way possible especially when it comes down to how well separations between channels can be heard clearly without any distortion or interference sounding through your speakers.

What can you do with old vinyl records?

If you want to make money from your old vinyl records, you can sell them on eBay. You would have to identify the pressing of the record and give a detailed description of it there. You can also sell it in garage sales or flea markets, but you won’t typically get a high amount from this.

If your collection is noteworthy and you don’t need the money, then you can donate it to the library. To get an evaluation, contact Back To The Past Collectibles.

What vinyl records are most valuable?

There are many types of vinyl records that can be valuable, but the most expensive is a “Wu-Tang Clan” album. It was sold at an auction for $2 million dollars to one collector in China! Not too far behind this record’s value is an album from the Beatles – their White Album from 1963. It went up on sale last year (2017) with an asking price of around $790,000. Other notables include Elvis Presley’s ‘My Happiness’ ($300,000) and John Lennon & Yoko Ono Double Fantasy ($150,000).

How can I sell my old vinyl records?

You can sell your old vinyl records for cash by going to a record store near you or by selling on eBay or Discogs. There might be vendors at flea markets who handle this kind of thing too! You can also call Back To The Past Collectibles to get an evaluation and to see if they are interested in buying what you have.

Are my old vinyl records worth anything?

Online sellers typically offer an average price of $15 for albums in good condition on sites like eBay or Discogs. However, values vary significantly based upon type and quality – from 50 cents up to hundreds or more dollars! So do your research to know how much your vinyl record collection is worth.

What are the most valuable 45 vinyl records?

The most valuable vinyl records are from The Beatles, but there’s also a rare 45 rpm single by Sex Pistols that could fetch up to $20k. Other fantastic options for collectors include Frank Wilson’s Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) and Aphex Twin’s Caustic Window.

What are the most valuable 78 records?

Tommy Johnson’s “Blues 78” sold for $37,100.00–the highest price ever paid to date on a single Blues record and one of the most valuable records in existence!

What is the best cleaner for vinyl records?

The best cleaners for vinyl are those with bristles made from carbon fiber, a brush that can get into the grooves and dust out all sorts of dirt inside your precious old records. Our favorites include AudioQuest Cleaning Kit, GrooveWasher Record Cleaner System, Stylus cleaning kit (for use with needles), and Milty Zero Stat Machine.

Can vinyl records last forever?

Vinyl is a durable format for music storage, with some experts predicting that they can withstand anywhere between one year and 100 years of play! The quality depends largely on how you use it–playing dirty records or wearing out your needle may reduce its lifespan significantly. But keeping them clean and maintaining them well are key factors in extending their life expectancies too. These measures help avoid any potential problems before they happen such as preventing noisy surfaces from occurring during playback.

Why do vinyl sound better?

Vinyl records give off a warmer sound when played on an analog player. The rich diversity of features heard in vinyl films can be attributed to its grooves, which allow more room for the various aspects that make up music than with digital formats such as MP3s or CDs.

Are new vinyl records better than old ones?

Vinyl records are not all created equal. The older, 70s and 80s releases tend to be better than the new pre-presses because they were engineered for higher sound volume levels with thicker vinyl which gave them a warmer audio signature – something that is missing from many newer pressing plant machines used today where visibility can sometimes suffer due lower contrast between black backgrounds on white speakers or mixers under bright lights.

Is vinyl overrated?

It depends on what you’re looking for! If you want convenience and infinite music at the push of a button, then vinyl is not for you. But if a slow-paced analog experience that allows time for reflection sounds like something up your alley, then you will get that from vinyl.

Is vinyl making a comeback?

Vinyl has been making a comeback for 15 years and it’s still going strong! Vinyl album sales in the United States have grown to 27.5 million LPs sold this year, more than 30-fold compared to 2006 when people started buying back records as an alternative form of entertainment by purchasing music on physical media like vinyl albums or cassette tapes.

Are CDs making a comeback?

The CD is not making a comeback. There’s no evidence that new record shops are opening and are stocked with them. Instead, most of the time, people will find vinyl records being sold there to DJs, those who desire a nostalgic way of listening to music, and young people who want to be seen as retro cool.

Why are new vinyl records so expensive?

Vinyl records are enjoying a bit of popularity among young people and audiophiles, but the number of overall releases still doesn’t compare to other formats. This means that new vinyl has an expense associated with it not seen in other media such as CDs or books where production is much greater due largely because there’s no need for pressing plants since they’re already being made by manufacturers.

Are vinyl records the best sound quality?

Vinyl records have the best sound quality. They don’t lose any data when pressed and offer a rich listening experience with better bass response than mp3s or other compression formats like CD-quality audio tracks do.

Does vinyl sound better than FLAC?

Vinyl records provide a much richer experience than digital files as they offer an analog sound quality that is lost in FLACs.

What old albums are worth money?

Some old albums that are worth a fortune now are Bob Dylan’s “The Freewheelin” (1963), Beatles’ “White Album” (1968), and David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs” (1974). There is also the Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen” (1977) and Hank Mobley’s “Blue Note 1568” (1957) which have been reissued on vinyl.

Are old 45s worth anything?

With the cardboard picture sleeves and old 45s being worth more than $200, it’s no wonder people are always on the lookout for these collectibles!

What is the rarest album of all time?

The rarest album of all time is the White Album No. 000001, which was sold at auction for $790,000 in 2015 and has been kept by Ringo Starr since its release fifty years ago!


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