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Back to the Past Collectibles has been helping it’s clients discover value in their
dusty treasures for over 30 years.


What does it mean to be a partner with Back to the Past?

Back to the Past Collectibles has a unique value proposition that we are able to offer our clients. We specialize i evaluation and processing entire collections, whether its comic books, trading cards, vinyl, vintage toys, memorabilia, or anything else!

We are looking to partner with the businesses who cater to clients who may be dealing with a collection, or need to liquidate their collection to make money
or space, or both!

Being one of our partners means that you can rest easy knowing that you have an expert in your corner when it comes to dealing with these types of assets for your clients.

Who We are Looking to Partner With

Estate Planners and Attorneys

Planning an estate and ensuring an equitable outcome can be difficult if it is unclear how much certain items are worth. Partnering with us means taking away that stress, and providing more value for your clients.

Financial Advisors and Planners

Especially for collectors, the value of their non-traditional investments like comic books can actually represent a substantial part of their portfolio’s value. We have over 30 years of experience in evaluating assets like these so we can take out the guesswork.

Real Estate Agents

Moving or downsizing can already be stressful enough for the seller. But what happens when there is an attic or basement full of stuff stopping you from moving forward? Throwing it away may not be an option, but selling it is a hassle. Thats where we come in!

Elder Care and Downsizing

Life transitions and downsizing can occur at many stages in life. Often times during these transitional periods, there can be assets or items that need to be evaluated or even liquidated to move the process along.

Estate Sales

Aside from the usual things like furniture, jewelry, electronics, etc., estates often hold collections of things like comic books, retro toys, or trading cards that require specialized expertise when evaluating and bringing these items to market. That’s where we come in!

Insurance Agents

Valuable collectibles mean something to a collector, and often times they are insured. Insurance agents who work with these collector clients need a trusted and accurate valuation of their assets in order to properly insure them.

Success Stories

The Florida Comic Book Collection

How Back to the Past helped a family in Florida realize the true value of their comic book collection.

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Closet Full of Star Wars

A story about a five-figure Star Wars Collection almost went to the Salvation Army.

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The Rocket Ship Collection

How B2P helped the family of a lifelong collector and NASA fan get the most of their collection!

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Coming Soon

Stay Tuned!

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Coming Soon

Stay Tuned!

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Schedule a meeting with us today! We would love to sit down with you and discuss what you do, and how we can help your business and your clients thrive by partnering with Back to the Past!


How much does it cost?

It’s FREE! We want to work with you to help add value to your clients.

What will I get?

You will get a powerful and unique resource to offer your clients and customers when they have physical assets to manage or sell. In addition to having an expert in your corner, we will send you news, success stories, and tips on how you can help your clients with their collectibles needs.

How can Back to the Past help my business?

If you work with clients and their assets or physical goods, whether that be in real estate, financial advising and management, estate planning, elder care, insurance, or anything else, we have the expertise to help. We specialize in the evaluation, handling, and brining to market of these types of items, and can handle the process for you and your client.