Fire Prevention 1927!

“Here’s the cause of fully 50% of the fires,” say the Fire Chiefs in this 1927 brochure.

What’s the cause? Rubbish, trash, paper, rags & etc. found around the home!

Lucky for us, the brochure goes on to extoll the virtues of the solution to this problem: Burn that trash inside your home!

Barney J. Houston, Fire Chief in Cincinatti returns this glowing endorsement of the Milwaukee Home Incinerator Company’s nifty device:

“The truth of the matter is that house owners treat the matter of rubbish and accumulation far too lightly and some means should be made for disposal of same.”
That resounding testimonial is close enough for the makers of the Home Incinerator to claim the quote!
So, for the latest in fire prevention, light that baby up in your living room!
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