Strange Times & Places: Doom Link

Welcome back to Strange Times & Places, where today we’re looking at a one-shot exclusively available with a toy. The cover designates it Superman: The Man of Steel Co-Starring Batman #1, but it is better known by the name in its indicia – Doom Link! How’s It Different? It’s a Royale with Cheese, where a lot … [Read more...]

Strange Times & Places: Elseworlds 80 Page Giant

Welcome back to Strange Times & Places, where we’re celebrating the end of the year by reading the Elseworlds 80 Page Giant! Though it was eventually published – with an extra story added – in 2012, the original printing was ordered pulped by Paul Levitz over scene in one of the stories…a story that would go on to … [Read more...]

Strange Times & Places: Justice League: Gods & Monsters

Welcome to Strange Times & Places, where super heroes are taken from their familiar surroundings and put into…strange times and places. We kick things off by looking at DC’s first outright Elseworlds movie, Justice League: Gods & Monsters. How’s It Different? It’s what I like to call a "Royale With … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: 1977 Batman String Puppet

Howdy partners!  It's once again time for a new Fabulous Find, and this week I've had to go to the research books and internet, as I do not actually own this collectible.  And what is this collectible I'm referring to?  Well, it's from Madison Limited and DC Comics, and it is the Batman Super-Heroes String Puppet.  It … [Read more...]

1 out of 5 – Would Recommend: Catwoman

Welcome back to 1 out of 5 – Would Recommend, where Razzies are worth more than Oscars. To that end, we’re examining a film starring one of only six people to ever win both – 2004’s Catwoman! What’s The Plot? Timid graphic designer Patience Phillips is murdered by her corrupt employers when she accidentally discovers … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Detective Comics # 437

Welcome comic book fans across America (and the world) and all the ships at sea.  You've tuned in to a new RETRO REVIEW and this week I am looking at a comic from DC Comics.  And what is that comic, you might ask?  And I will answer, the comic this week is Detective Comics # 437, cover dated November 1973.  The first … [Read more...]

A Christmas Tale; or Santa Claus and Batman Have a Heart-to-Heart Chat in the Batcave

I Will Tell You #100: A Christmas Tale; or Santa Claus and Batman Have a Heart to Heart Chat in the Batcave   "Can I get you anything else, sir?" Despite speaking in a hushed tone, the elder manservant's elegant voice echoed through the dank, cavernous room. He looked across the chamber at the man who … [Read more...]

Top 5 Comic Characters Who Should Be Thankful

I Will Tell You #99: Top 5 Comic Characters Who Should Be Thankful   Anyone who knows me personally, or has at least read some of my past columns over the years, has often heard me say, "You don't have to be good if you're lucky," frequently amended with another statement, "You don't have to be lucky if … [Read more...]

Every Day Is Halloween

I Will Tell You #98: Every Day is Halloween It was a dark time, kids. There was an era in history known as The Dark Ages. In the days before comic fans ever dared dream that not one, but several superhero movies would make it to the big screen; and that these films would not only be respectable, but incredible; … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: 1988 DC – Burger King Superhero Cups

Greetings fellow comic book and collectibles fans.  This week I thought I'd focus on a Fabulous Find from a 1988 joint effort between DC Comics and Burger King!  Yes indeed, it's the fabulous superhero cup holders that you could purchase when buying a meal at Burger King fast food restaurants back in 1988. When you … [Read more...]

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