RETRO REVIEW: Magnus Robot Fighter # 13

It's time for another RETRO REVIEW of an independent comic book.  And just this week, I was given a copy of Magnus, Robot Fighter # 13, from my cousin's son.  I unfortunately had to make a quick trip to Kentucky for a family funeral, but did return with a couple of comics that had once belonged to my cousin, that I … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Doc Savage # 1

It's time for a non Marvel and non DC Comics RETRO REVIEW this week, so I've dug through my boxes and have pulled out this Gold Key / Western gem of a comic, Doc Savage # 1, from November 1966.  It's features a great James Bama cover of Doc battling a snake!  Take a look: If you collected the Bantam Doc Savage … [Read more...]

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