RETRO REVIEW: Planet of Vampires # 1

Hey ho folks!  This week it's time once again to dig into the independent comic section of my collection.  And I've come out with Planet of Vampires # 1, published by Atlas/Seaboard Comics and it has a February 1975 cover date.  As most of you know Atlas/Seaboard was Martin Goodman's response to Marvel Comics for … [Read more...]

Comic Review: Scorpion # 1

I'm just back from vacation, but have no time to write up a Fabulous Find, or even do a quick new review, so I'm again reprinting one of my first columns from 2010.  I suspect many, if not most, of you have not had the chance to read it, so for your reading pleasure ... The short lived Atlas - Seaboard line of … [Read more...]

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