The Walking Dead Are Eating Up Media Outlets

The Walking Dead Are Eating Up Media Outlets

Zombies have been on the rise. Seems like you cannot turn anywhere without a zombie themed something or other going on near your location. The Walking Dead are not going to miss a single opportunity to take advantage of the popularity given their niche material and target audience. What started as a comic has spilled over onto the small screen and now has a franchise video game series. If you are a fan of the series you can virtually surround yourself with The Walking Dead media.

Though the plots might vary slightly to accommodate the method of storytelling being utilized on a particular media type, the video game, comic book and television series all coexist within the same universe. The characters that are featured or how the story develops can vary among the outlets though. This expands the richness of the story world and allows fans to go deeper into the lives of the characters present in The Walking Dead.

After taking over comics and television by storm, the franchise began to reach out into the video game market. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is chronologically a prequel to the television series. It focuses on the Dixon brothers in the time just after the zombie apocalypse breaks out. The game has received mixed reviews and hasnít quite garnered the same popularity as games based on the comic series. Aside from games based strictly on the TV show or comic there are also a number of additional games that are pushing the zombie theme not related to the walking dead. It will be interesting to see how many new and even traditional games like bingo, checkers, and checkers also release more zombie related themes in an effort to cash in on the zombie craze.

The comic book series for The Walking Dead came into existence in 2003. It was the original concept and mechanism within the franchise that started the craze. Here we are introduced to Rick Grimes. In its 10th year the series is still going strong. In fact, the likely case is that it has never been more popular. This has lead to a number of other releases. As the fan base grew getting at the older stories in the original comics was difficult. The publishers decided to reissue the first 52 issues as The Walking Dead Weekly in 2010.

Before long the cult status of the comic book attracted other media to the story and characters. The television series premiered on AMC on October 31, 2010. The show has turned into a major success with the broadcasting channel extending its run into further seasons. While the plot follows Rick Grimes and the general plot development of the comic, it does however take some liberties at points to diverge. It tells the same story in general but there are changes to elements that in some cases are plot devices more akin to the small screen than a comic book. Of course, our imagination is directed by what the producers decide to show us, instead of however we might like to fill in the blanks.

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