Avengers Versus X-Men: Cyclops Was Right!

Avengers vs. X-Men has reached its conclusion, leaving the intrepid Cyclops rotting in a cell. A fitting result for the leader of the X-Men? Sean Pigeon offers a few examples of AVX justice from the Avengers side, like Scarlet Witch and Namor, and questions the outcome in this video segment that all Avengers and X-Men fans must watch! Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments.

About Sean Pigeon

Sean Pigeon (@seanpidge) is our lead comics cheerleader, and is always good for a high five. Sean believes Cyclops was right! He can often be found offending people on Twitter and helping out the shop with auctions and events.


  1. They’re putting Cyclops in a hole until they can figure out what Avengers roster to put him on! Duh!! After all, weren’t Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch “bad guys” first?

    As for who was right, I’ll tell you: John Proudstar.

  2. Mr. Murray says:

    Can we please cut Hank Pym some slack. As your rant stated, wipe out an entire nation and all is forgiven, but accidentally slap your wife ONE time and you’re an irredeemable wife beater. The guy gave the Marvel universe Pym Particles for Christ sake, he gets a free pass. I’m sure everybody on the Avengers at one time or another has wanted to slap the Wasp.

  3. Dave Thompson says:

    Wrong, Trask was right!

  4. Sean Pigeon says:

    I’ll start working on your “John Proudstar is underrated” shirt.

  5. Baron Strucker says:

    Herr Pigeon, ignore zat last dumbkoff. He obviously knows not of what he speaks. Typical of his kind. Keep fighting zee good fight and hail Hydra.

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