Fabulous Find: Blast Magazine # 1

The weather is terrific here in Michigan, so let's blast off with a new Fabulous Find on this fine Friday!  And from the depths of the vault I bring you ... Blast Magazine # 1, cover dated February 1971.  Blast was a Mad Magazine wanna be.  It was published by G & D Publications of New York, New York.  Though per … [Read more...]

Witzend Fanzines # 6 – 12

Welcome back to part two, in my two part, Fabulous Find column on the Witzend fanzines from Wally Wood and company! Though with issue # 6, Wally Wood is now only listed as the "illustrious founder" and the fanzine/prozine is now published by Ed Glasser and edited by Bill Pearson!  Witzend # 6 I've owned my copy of … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Space: 1999 # 1

Greetings and salutations all, and welcome back to another edition of my RETRO REVIEW column!  This week I've pulled out a little known comic from Charlton Comics.  It's Space: 1999 # 1, cover dated November 1975.  It features a pretty nice painted cover by artist, Joe Staton.  Take a look: The comic itself is based … [Read more...]

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