Strange Times & Places: Marvel Mangaverse: Avengers Assemble! #1

Welcome back to Strange Times & Places, where we’re celebrating the opening of the Power Rangers movie this past weekend. To that end, I found the most Power Ranger-y alternate universe story I could (other than the actual alternate universe Power Rangers story currently ongoing in their monthly book) - Marvel … [Read more...]

Top 5 Comic Characters Who Should Be Thankful

I Will Tell You #99: Top 5 Comic Characters Who Should Be Thankful   Anyone who knows me personally, or has at least read some of my past columns over the years, has often heard me say, "You don't have to be good if you're lucky," frequently amended with another statement, "You don't have to be lucky if … [Read more...]

Avengers Versus X-Men: Cyclops Was Right!

Avengers vs. X-Men has reached its conclusion, leaving the intrepid Cyclops rotting in a cell. A fitting result for the leader of the X-Men? Sean Pigeon offers a few examples of AVX justice from the Avengers side, like Scarlet Witch and Namor, and questions the outcome in this video segment that all Avengers and … [Read more...]

The Avengers Movie Finally Arrives in Theatres!

Jim Johnson thinks there has never been a better time to be an Avengers fan, and he'll show you why in this video segment featuring the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury and more as they assemble the Avengers on the big screen for the first time! Full Text: JJ here, Back to the … [Read more...]

Captain America – The Best Avenger

Jim Johnson assesses one of the least "super-powered" team mates on the Avengers: Captain America. What makes him so great as a member when he is surrounded by so much firepower? JJ will show you in this video clip! Full text: JJ here, Back to the Past Pop Culture TV, and this week I'm taking a look at Captain … [Read more...]

I WILL TELL YOU #60: He Be Worthy

He Be Worthy “The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands; To fight The Hulk, singing and crying: Valhalla, I am coming!” The Immigrant Song, from Led Zeppelin’s Led Zeppelin III, © 1970. Lyrics by Robert Plant, misinterpreted by Jim Johnson   Clearly, the ancient Norse had more respect for Thor … [Read more...]

Rounding Out the Avengers Team

Jim Johnson wants to raise the visibility on three Avengers members that deserve face time in the films! The Wasp, Giant Man and the Vision are all important and interesting characters, and here's why they should be included... Full Text: JJ here, Back to the Past Pop Culture TV, and this week I’m going to talk … [Read more...]

Avengers vs. X-Men Tuesday Release Party Details!

  On Tuesday, April 3rd, Back to the Past will remain open from 7PM until about 8:30PM for a special Avengers versus X-Men #1 release party!  The #1 issue of the blockbuster event will go on sale at 8PM, sharp! It wouldn't be a BTTP event without a dizzying variety of surprises, so here's what is in store for … [Read more...]

Avengers Versus X-Men – Clues in the Cover Art?

Jim Johnson looks for clues to Avengers vs. X-Men round winners, based on the teaser art we've seen so far. Does the scale tip in favor of either team? Watch & find out! Full text: JJ here, Back to the Past Pop Culture TV, and on this installment of I Will Show You: I choose a winner in the impending Avengers vs … [Read more...]

Avengers Vs. X-Men Crossover Checklist

Marvel is promising to heat up the Spring season with the blockbuster crossover event Avengers Versus X-Men, but what books are included?  Here's a handy Avengers vs. X-Men checklist so you can keep track!   Full text: Don't miss out on the blockbuster AVX event from the industry's hottest talent! AVENGERS … [Read more...]

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