1 out of 5 – Would Recommend: Death Race 2050

Welcome back to 1 out of 5 – Would Recommend, which comes out of retirement this week for one last job. Today, we’re watching the newest entry in a series that, like Spider-Man, has been rebooted twice in ten years – Death Race 2050! What’s The Plot? It’s a remake of Death Race 2000, and it follows that plot … [Read more...]

1 out of 5 – Would Recommend: Death Race 2000

Welcome back to 1 out of 5 – Would Recommend, where a movie need not be a well-made blockbuster to be a classic. To prove it, today we’re examining 1975’s Death Race 2000! What’s The Plot? In the dystopian future year 2000, America is ruled with an iron fist by a dictator worthy of North Korea’s Kim dynasty. The … [Read more...]

1 out of 5 – Would Recommend: Vampirella

Welcome back to 1 out of 5 – Would Recommend, where no movie is too obscure to be found! Today we’re examining an oft-forgotten comic book adaptation, 1996’s straight-to-video Vampirella feature! What’s The Plot? The evil Vlad and his gang of barbarian rebels murder the Elders of Drakulon, their home world, and head … [Read more...]

Tales of Terror (1962)

We're already four weeks into our Roger Corman Poe cycle and this week we'll take a look at Tales of Terror, starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre and Basil Rathbone.  (You can find our earlier Roger Corman Poe articles here.) Tales of Terror is an anthology film featuring three short story segments connected by a … [Read more...]

The Premature Burial (1962)

The one-two punch of House of Usher and Pit and the Pendulum pretty much guaranteed that there would be more Edgar Allan Poe adaptations coming out from American International Pictures.  For his third adaptation, Roger Corman decided on Poe's short story, The Premature Burial, about a man who is obsessed with the … [Read more...]

The Pit and the Pendulum (1961)

The success of House of Usher surprised American International execs, so they wanted to strike while the iron was hot and get another Poe-related adaptation on the market, right away. Roger Corman wasted no time re-enlisting Vincent Price for The Pit and the Pendulum, with a script by Richard Matheson. But, could … [Read more...]

Fall of the House of Usher (1960)

Fall of the House of Usher (nitpick - the title sequence is actually simply "House of Usher", but every reference we've ever seen to the film, including the DVD box includes the "Fall of".) is a great movie, so let's just get that out of the way up front.  It's a fine balance of the creepy gothic sets that Hammer did … [Read more...]

Chopping Mall is a Bargain Bin of Entertainment

Chopping Mall is a sci-fi/horror/comedy from 1986, originally titled Killbots. It was directed by Jim Wynorski, produced by Julie Corman and written by the duo of Wynorski and Steve Mitchell. A Ridiculous Premise and a Great Time Yes. That's what you need to say if anyone ever asks you if you want to watch Chopping … [Read more...]

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